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Sir Grout New York Blog

Welcome to the Sir Grout New York Blog where we discuss topics of interest pertaining to the hard surface restoration industry.

Published January 20, 2018

Before and After Picture of a Bathroom Stone Honing and Polishing Service in Manhattan, New York Our Stone Honing and Polishing Services Gave these Bathrooms in Manhattan a Brand-New Appearance

Every homeowner wants to maintain their home in the best possible condition. This requires a lot of time, and it is especially difficult if you have a busy life. Why? Maintaining a house in perfect condition means paying attention to every single detail, and that is not an easy task.


Published December 26, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Bathroom Floor Grout Cleaning Service in Brooklyn Heights, New York Clean as a Whistle: A Grout Cleaning in Brooklyn Heights, NY Revamped Each Corner of This Bathroom

This homeowner from Brooklyn Heights was about to host her brother at her house and wanted to make her residence feel homey. The room that her brother was going to stay in had its own bathroom, but the lack of regular cleaning and improper cleaning methods had taken a toll on the floor.


Published November 17, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Caulking Service in Manhattan, NY Our Caulking Services Turned This Drab, Aged Stone Shower in Manhattan into an Elegant, Modern Space

Cleanliness is a serious issue for most homeowners. They love to proudly show off their impeccable homes to friends and family. But we all know how hard it is to preserve the appearance of a house, especially when the owners have busy schedules like this working mom who had seen how her shower had become dingy over the years.


Published October 19, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Stone Cleaning Service in Manhattan, NY The Appearance of These Natural Stone Tiles Improved Dramatically with Sir Grout's Stone Cleaning Procedure in Manhattan, NY

Natural stone can come in different finishes, for instance, honed, polished, or tumbled. The tumbling process consists of softening the tiled surface and wearing down the edges by tumbling the tile or stone slabs in a rubber drum along with water, sand, and rocks.


Published October 07, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Shower Cleaning and Polishing Service in Manhattan, NY See How a Stone Cleaning and Polishing Service Did Wonders for This Beautiful Master Shower in Manhattan

Most people remember their newlywed days with fondness; it is a time of pure bliss, and there is hardly a married couple's home where you cannot find one or two tokens of such days.


Published September 11, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Floor Stone Honing Service in Manhattan, NY A Stone Honing Service in Manhattan, NY: From a Dull Gray to a Beautiful Emerald Green Marble Floor

When you love your home, there are few things as disappointing as noticing that a piece of furniture, flooring, or countertops have lost some of its usual charm.


Published August 31, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Grout Recoloring Service in Forest Hills, New York A Professional Grout Recoloring Job Gave This Century-Old Home in Forest Hills, NY a Hint of Modern

This home, located in the historic neighborhood of Forest Hills in Queens, had been in the same family for generations.


Published August 23, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Shower Grout Recoloring in Manhattan, NY The Beauty of This Shower Was Enhanced with a Grout Recoloring Job in Manhattan, NY

People can spend hours choosing the right tiles for their bathroom. They will take things like size and texture into consideration and will even go from one place to another till they find the ones that make them happy.


Published July 25, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning Service in Manhattan, NY A Tile Cleaning Service in Manhattan Removed All Traces of Dirt in the Ceramic Tiles of this Bathroom

A New York resident homeowner learned about our tile cleaning services in Manhattan thanks to a recommendation made by her next-door neighbors.


Published July 21, 2017

Before and After Picture of a Stone Polishing Service in Manhattan A Glowing Kitchen in No Time! A Stone Polishing Service Refreshed the Looks of this Countertop in Manhattan

Large families need large kitchens. This family of ten lived in a big, lovely house in Manhattan.



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