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Family Avoids Costly Renovation with a Grout Recoloring on their 50 Year Old Bathroom in Forest Hills

December 18, 2015

Buying a house is one of the largest, if not the largest, purchases a person typically makes in his life. When this family in Forest Hills, NY was faced with a damaged, moldy, mildewed, soap scum and stain-filled shower, renovation seemed like the only option. There was just one small problem: the budget for an expensive, inconvenient, disruptive renovation simply did not exist. What could they do? This family of new homeowners tried a series of cleaning products found in the store unfortunately, the products they chose seemed to temporarily mitigate the mold and mildew, but the discoloration and dirty appearance looked permanent. They didn't understand what the problem was - after all, it was just mold. There's nothing a little elbow grease couldn't fix, right?

Family Avoids Costly Renovation with a Grout Recoloring on their 50 Year Old Bathroom in Forest Hills

Wrong! Mold and mildew are a big part of the problem in shower tile and grout, but the problem goes deeper. Just like mustard on a shirt, if a stain sets in grout, it cannot be removed. No matter the amount or strength of cleaning products, after the mold and mildew are destroyed and dirt removed, a stain will still remain on grout that's been left unsealed, dry, untreated, and vulnerable. And no grout is more vulnerable than when it's left in a humid, sticky shower and repeatedly doused with soapy products that aren't made for cleaning grout. In search for a renovation alternative, the family searched for Forest Hills grout recoloring, and discovered Sir Grout of New York. Good reviews? Check! Service to Forest Hills? Check! Free quote? Thank goodness! The Forest Hills 50-year-old shower owners scheduled their appointment immediately.

The day of the evaluation came, and everyone crossed their fingers that removal was not the only option. Luckily for these new homeowners, the damaged, stained grout was not too far gone. The grout professionals suggested a multi-step process. During the cleaning phase, they would use grout-safe chemicals and vapor scrubbing to kill the mold and mildew, remove the dirt and soap scum, and destroy as much of the remaining stains as possible. After this phase, the professionals would perform a grout recoloring with a simple application of ColorSeal, a dual-action grout line sealer and recoloring polymer that would make the stains disappear and create a uniform appearance, as well as provide a water-resistant, mold- and mildew-resistant layer to protect the existing grout. Once the grout was recolored and protected, step three would involve applying Tile Armor, a water-based sealer, to protect the tile from dirt and soap scum adhesion.

With the strategy in place and the team ready to make tile look brand new, they began the cleaning. As expected, the mold and mildew were killed easily, but the staining from years of damage remained. ColorSeal was applied with ease, and the grout was quickly filled, recolored, and sealed. Finally, the Tile Armor finished the job. You can see the photos above the transition was amazing! The family was very excited to actually feel clean when they exited the 50-year-old, now brand new looking shower! All in a day's work, too!

They were lucky the damage was not more severe. In many cases, homeowners may believe that damage is irreparable. Usually, we find that to be incorrect. Renovations are costly, long-term solutions that often land homeowners in the same situation just a few years down the road. However, with proper maintenance, materials can last a lifetime.

If you have an old shower that you think is past it's prime, it's better to get it evaluated and discover otherwise than to succumb to a long-term, costly remodel. A grout recoloring can easily renew your grout and oftentimes, make it look better than it did when it was first installed. Call Sir Grout New York at (718) 514-6016 for a free evaluation of your stone or tile, today!


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