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Grout Recoloring Restored This Manhattan Bathroom Floor From The 1930s

January 04, 2016

For this elegant Manhattan lady, owning property with a bit of history in middle the bustling city was a point of pride. No restoration had ever taken place upon her bathroom it was vintage to the core. Unfortunately, her vintage home came with a few quirks: namely, discoloration was beginning to show the age of her beautiful quartz sile tile, and the grout's mottling was creating a dirty feel on her fine bathroom floor. She hoped she could find a way to circumvent the discoloration without having to remove the floor that was, in 2015, just celebrating its 75th birthday.

Grout Recoloring Restored This Manhattan Bathroom Floor From The 1930s

Our concerned Manhattan homeowner took to the internet, and with some research, she read about a product that could restore and protect grout, and even add a specific, uniform shade to it. After further research, she searched for Manhattan grout recoloring, and she found good reviews on Sir Grout of New York. She gave them a call to discover if they would be able to gently work on her floors, and the offered a free evaluation just to make sure her floor was a good candidate for grout recoloring.

When the grout experts arrived at her home, this Manhattan homeowner immediately had her fears assuaged. They quickly identified the silestone tile and recognized the unique nature of her vintage, 1930's floor. Immediately, one of the grout restoration professionals recognized that it would be impossible to replace the grout. Fortunately, the old, cracking grout was a prime candidate for ColorSeal. ColorSeal is a one-of-a-kind sealer that not only covers and recolors, but fills and protects grout. Grout recoloring with ColorSeal makes grout easier to clean, less likely to attract dirt, and it's also resistant to mold, mildew, and stains. The best part? It creates a uniform surface above porous grout that prevents further deterioration and the color can be selected by the homeowner! Our Manhattan homeowner preferred a bright white to match the original appearance, and she was able to choose the exact shade she needed to create the illusion of a brand new 1930's floor, with all its authenticity and grout - intact.

Our Manhattan client was excited to see the results. The uniform appearance of the grout accentuated the durable quartz sile tile that she was so proud of now, it looked bright and clean! She was especially thankful that she would not have to replace her entire floor. In her research, she had discovered that old grout can be a leading cause of water damage and mold and mildew growth in bathrooms. It had been her fear that her floor would need to be ripped up, leaving her with the mess of long-term construction. Fortunately for our client, grout recoloring jobs can be completed in as little as a day, and they are not messy. They are also non-toxic, making a grout recoloring an easy choice when compared to the expensive, disruptive ordeal of remodeling.

Grout recoloring saved this 1930's floor and saved a lot of money for our client in the long run. The fact is, most grout is not sealed when it is first installed because it needs to set. This leaves many countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom floors susceptible to staining, cracking, dirt, and mold. Grout is full of tiny pores, and these pores trap and absorb dirt and water.

Does your grout look old, damaged, or discolored? If so, it may be a good time for a grout recoloring before the damage becomes irreversible. Call Sir Grout New York for a free evaluation to get your grout ColorSealed, today!

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