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Ruined Shower in Jamaica Estates Home Gets Transformed in Just 4 Hours with a Tile Cleaning and Caulking Service

October 14, 2015

There's nothing more annoying and disgusting than having a shower in your own home that looks like the dirty gym locker room in a teen movie. One homeowner living in a beautiful home in Jamaica Estates considered his shower's disgusting state to be an emergency. White tile with white grout usually creates such a clean, pristine look and feeling – until it becomes dry and damaged by mold, mildew, and stains. Not only was the dry grout cracking, but the caulk had peeled off. For our industrious homeowner, however, a long-term renovation was not an option. He needed his shower restored in a timely fashion, and didn't want to deal with an extensive remodel. Afraid of the costs and duration of construction, he took to the internet and searched for local Jamaica Estates caulking services to restore the peeling caulk and crumbling grout.

Ruined Shower in Jamaica Estates Home Gets Transformed in Just 4 Hours with a Tile Cleaning and Caulking Service

He quickly found a company with good reviews that served the Jamaica Estates area: Sir Grout of New York. He signed up for a free evaluation, hoping that the shower caulk evaluation wouldn't rack up a huge remodeling bill. On the day of the appointment, the caulking experts evaluated the state of his shower. The tile was in ok, only a few tiles would need repair, but they were very dirty. The damage to the grout was so severe that he would have no choice but to have the shower re-grouted.

Oftentimes, when tile and grout are first installed, the grout must cure for a period of time before it can be sealed. As a result, grout is left unsealed in many showers and quickly starts deteriorating in the harsh, humid environment. Body washes and soaps leave scum behind, which clings to the grout, creating the perfect environment for trapping dirt, mold, and mildew. As the grout continues to absorb more water, it deteriorates and dries out, cracking and crumbling and allowing water to seep in behind the tile. If left alone, the grout becomes irreparable, and water damage can occur to the home.

The Jamaica Estates resident was not surprised to find out that his grout needed to be repaired. A full tile cleaning, re-grouting, tile repair, and caulking service was in order! He expressed a need to have his home available – he wasn't able to deal with long-term renovations. This was not a problem for Sir Grout of New York: they promised a quick job. He crossed his fingers…

Just four short hours later, his shower was completely renewed. New grout had been placed, and the damaged tiles were repaired. A full cleaning was performed and new caulk was added to protect the home from water damage. In less than a day, the dirty dorm shower looked brand new. He couldn't believe the difference!
You can see the amazing transformation in the before and after photos above. He could hardly recognize the new shower as being the same as the dirty, filthy shower in the before photo. The difference you can't discover in the photos is the smell – the noxious smell of mold and mildew that so many are allergic to was completely gone from the new shower.

Proper maintenance can help prevent damage like this from happening – but tile and grout requires specific, pH-neutral products that are designed for cleaning tile and grout. Deterioration is often a result of bad cleaning products. Also, if mold, mildew, and dirt are allowed to sit on unsealed grout, even after they are removed and cleaned from the grout the stain can remain – the only option to save the grout at that point is a grout recoloring.

Don't let your tile and grout deteriorate – you'll never know when it's too late! For an affordable, comprehensive, and QUICK tile and grout cleaning or shower caulking service, call Sir Grout New York at (718) 514-6016 for a free evaluation, today!


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