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This Manhattan Homeowner's Moldy Bathroom Recovered its Original Beauty with a Grout Cleaning Job

May 18, 2016

A tile shower is a beautiful addition to a home, but with tile comes the inevitable problem of dirty grout that makes your tile surfaces lose their shine and luster. Grout is used to fill the lines between your tiles. Over time, no matter how clean you keep your floors, it will trap dirt and taint the look of your tile. Scrubbing and mopping won't give you that deeply cleaned look you're striving for. Grout is porous and will absorb dirty residue. Mopping removes the superficial dirt, leaving the embedded dirt behind that causes the grout to become grimy.

This Manhattan Homeowner's Moldy Bathroom Recovered its Original Beauty with a Grout Cleaning Job

This was something that this homeowner from Manhattan wasn't aware of. She spent hours cleaning her bathroom tiles to get rid of the mold and mildew build-up in her bathroom's tile and grout. She used all kinds of cleaning products like bleach, tilex, and ammonia, but nothing seemed to clean the tile and grout. She got tired of trying everything to restore her bathroom and decided to look for help. She remembered that her next door neighbor had gone through a similar situation, so she decided to ask her for high-quality professionals that performed grout cleaning in her home. Her neighbor recommended Sir Grout New York's services. Still a bit skeptical, she decided to search the web for a grout cleaning service in Manhattan and found great reviews about Sir Grout's New York grout cleaning services, so she decided to schedule an appointment with them. Mold and mildew are fungi that grow in damp and dark spaces. Small amounts are harmless, however, it gives the bathroom an unattractive look, and once it builds up, it can cause serious health problems. The grout stains that build up over time are difficult to clean with regular products, which usually only make the problem worse. Also, household cleaning products have acid-based components that cause further damage to the grout.

When Sir Grout's Manhattan team arrived at the homeowner's house, they performed a free evaluation and found that the bathroom had mold and mildew. The team talked with the homeowner and discovered that, out of desperation, she had abused the use of cleaning products like bleach and ammonia, which was one of the things that had affected the appearance of her grout. Since there were stubborn stains in the tile and grout, the Manhattan team cleaned the bathroom using a combination of pH-neutral cleaner with a vertical soft-brush scrubbing system and vapor steam cleaning. After all the dirt, mold, and mildew disappeared, the team sealed the tile and grout with ColorSeal, a tinted sealer that fills the pores in the grout lines. ColorSeal has the advantage of sealing grout, so it's no longer prone to trapping dirt. It's also resistant to mold, mildew, stains, and water, making it easier to clean. ColorSeal contains a pigment that recolors your grout lines, making them look like new. To help seal the tile and prevent staining and dirt build-up, Sir Grout's Manhattan team applied Tile Armor. Tile Armor not only seals the tile to keep it from staining, but also increases the longevity of the tile and grout and makes the cleanup easier as well.

The floor looked like never before! The homeowner just couldn't believe how easily they restored her bathroom's pristine appearance. She was fascinated by the look of her bathroom and by the fact that she wouldn't have to spend hours cleaning it, thanks to ColorSeal. The last step was to teach the homeowner how to take care of her tile and grout, so they gave her several recommendations. To clean tile and grout, only pH-neutral cleaners that don't contain soap should be used. Soap-scum creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow. The bathroom should be kept in the driest conditions possible and must also be ventilated to prevent stagnant water.

If you are tired of cleaning your dirty bathroom and can't manage to bring back its shine, you may need a grout cleaning service. Call us at (718) 514-6016 to schedule a free evaluation for your hard surfaces today!


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